A Psychiatric Story

an interactive novel on survival in the psych system

The Rationale

The state of the psychiatric system in Canada - and indeed worldwide - is in a crisis. Quality of care is inconsistent from hospital to hospital, and patients regularly face abusive, controlling environments that deny them their basic human rights.

While sometimes the harm is egregious and irrefutable, patients are frequently faced with intangible pieces of the psychiatric experience that are difficult to convey to those who haven't experienced it. Be it a sarcastic bow from a doctor dismissing your grievances, a nurse talking to you like you're a belligerent child, or the ever ominous presence of security guards, microaggressions abound.

Some things need to be experienced to be understood.

This game offers you that experience. Step into the role of a suicidal woman entering the emergency department at a local hospital. Experience each stage of Jessica's stay as you forge relationships with patients and staff.

Choke down hospital food - or don't. Decide what to say. Decide what to do. It's up to you.

Most importantly: survive, and tell your story.